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ViviFi Ventures

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    Lotta Moberg, PhD, CFA

ViviFi Ventures - A new chapter

I am excited to announce that I have joined ViviFi Ventures as a Founder and co-CIO. Our mission at ViviFi Ventures is to work closely with Myndset Herbs and combine their intellectual property and superior industry intelligence with our market knowledge and experience to invest in innovative private enterprises and revitalize underperforming and cash constrained businesses in the cannabis industry.

Leaving William Blair

I recently left William Blair, which was not an easy decision as my former colleagues in the Dynamic Allocations Strategies team are a great group. From them, I have received so much support, encouragement, learning, and warm friendships. This is a group of exceptionally smart people, and I am sure they will have great success in the future.

New chapters bring new opportunities

Meanwhile, I am thrilled about this new chapter in my life, where I will get to work with the new friends and colleagues at ViviFi and Myndset, including Brian Singer who is also joining from William Blair. We are excited about the opportunity to build a first-class private credit and equity investment firm in a rapidly evolving and inefficient market segment.

We are optimistic that providing capital and advice to ventures in the cannabis industry will be valuable for them and financially rewarding for our investors. Our investors will enjoy the combination of an investment team with insight into the objectives of sophisticated investors and with access to Myndset’s leading-edge industry experience.

We welcome our friends in the investment community to join us on this exciting journey.